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A multi-percussionist composer & performer


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Rishiraj Kulkarni is a multi-percussionist musician from India, graduated with Honours in Music from Middlesex University, London (U.K.) specialising in Indian classical music, western classical music, and audio technology. He also holds a Diploma in Music from KM Music Conservatory, Chennai (T.N., India) founded by Oscar award winner, A.R. Rahman where he was awarded as the best Hindustani music performer of the year 2014 — 15. 


His primary instrument being the tabla, which he has been playing for over 16 years, he has received incalculable guidance in his musical career from Ustad Zakir Hussain and continues his musical journey in the world of tabla as a disciple of Pandit Yogesh Samsi. He also plays the handpan, steel tongue drum, Maschine (hardware/software DAW), marimba, xylophone, and vibraphone to name a few. Since 2012 he has collaborated and performed with artists from various art forms such as illustrators, painters, thespians, poets, singers, ballet dancers, western classical orchestras and Indian classical musicians, performing across Europe and India.

In 2021, Rishiraj founded Svun Sounds, with a passion of introducing unique musical instruments from across the globe and collaborating directly with the independent makers who handcraft their instruments. 


Rishiraj released his first independent album “Home” on 30th July 2021 which is available across all streaming platforms. He composed, performed and recorded the entire album by himself amalgamating the sounds from the tabla, Rav Vast, Maschine and the sounds of nature.

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