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Rishiraj Kulkarni continues to learn the language of music from his instruments, by making and building conversations with them. His longest relationship has been with the Tabla, an Indian classical hand percussion instrument consisting of two drums - the bass and the high. Over the years of exploring and delving into the world of sound, Rishiraj added the Maschine to his ensemble, a hardware/software digital audio workstation birthed in Germany, comprising of pressure sensitive pads. Sampling, tweaking and infusing sounds from the nature into his music, he converses between with the sounds of organic and electronic world. The Handpan &  Rav Vast,  enables Rishiraj to add a completely new dimension of sound into his  music, i.e. by having a melodic element. Being a percussionist and having the possibility to add melody with a very unique timbre, the instrument has opened a lot of sonic doors in his journey of music.

Album releases

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