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Past events


The Woods - Album release tour (India)

Pune, MH - Swig

Ahmedabad, GJ - Natarani Amphitheatre

Rishikesh, UK - Rishi's International

Goa, GA - India Handpan Festival

Coimbatore, TN - Isha Foundation

Auroville, G20 Summit

Chennai, TN - Medai - The Stage

Mumbai, MH - Soho House


Pune, MH - Monalisa Kalagram

Pune, MH - Private Concert

Pune, MH - Tokoro Farms

Pune, MH - Sunderban Resort

Pune, MH - Vida Heydari Contemporary (VHC)

Pune, MH - Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan

Karjat - Handpan Gathering

Pune, MH - All India Radio, Akashvani (interview)

Online - Bharati open mic

Pune, MH - Bizarre Salon

Online - BBC Asian Network Radio

Pune, MH - Rotary Club

Pune, MH - Cafe 108

Online - Pan-o-ramic sessions

Pune, MH - Hrishikesh, Centre of Contemporary Dance


Summer Tour (Europe)

Utrecht, NL - Gurus

Noordwijk, NL - Dutch Handpan Gathering

Odense, DK - SoFar Sounds, Cafe Fleuri

Gothenburg, SW - Sofar Sounds, Fängelset

Nottingham, UK - New Art Exchange

India & other

Goa, GA - India Handpan Festival

Online - Viewcy Global Handpan Hang


Online - BISICON (Breast Imaging Society Conference)

Pune, MH - Infinite Variables

Online - Trove experience

Online - Ruchiana events

Pune, MH - TIFA, Secret Cyberia

Pune, MH - SoFar Sounds

Online - Yogasana's Short Film (sound design)

Pune, MH - Motojojo

Online - MyScoot

Pune, MH - Zen Cafe


Pune, MH - Gyaan Adab, Heroine Festival

Pune, MH - TIFA, Cyberia Festival

Pune, MH - Nukkad Cafe

Pune, MH - Zen Cafe

Pune, MH - Private Concert

Pune, MH - 11 East Street Cafe

Pune, MH - Raasta Cafe

Pune, MH - Dario's, Private Concert

Pune, MH - TIFA

2018 & earlier

London, UK - Club Inégales

London, UK - Plumstead Church

London, UK - Middlesex University

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